O Come, Spring!

Oh come oh come spring
Come your smiles to bring
With your equating times our doorbells ring
Come your brother to relieve so cold and quietening 
That flowers may bloom, and birds sing
Come that layers may be forgotten and on your warmth our lives to hinge 
That our lives and land may be renewed as on you we binge

Come down on us to smile 
Come our tired selves to beguile 
Come with your warmth that happier we may be by a mile
Come that we too may smile
Come that outdoors we may linger like the Nile

Come, under cumbersome hats and scarfs our faces to no longer hide
Come, unwieldy clothing our bodies to no longer betide
Come to free us, with glee we thee shall take in stride
Come to rid us of gloom, liberated our thoughts shall ye take for a guide

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