Up The Hill

Up the Hill
Tall as a mountain 
Imposing as a fortress
The hill glares at you
Dares you to try
Your eyes travel
Up the hill

Small as an ant
Feeble as a toddler
Uncertain and afraid 
You stare back
Holding the gaze now
Looking away then
Your eyes travel
Up the hill

Images in your mind
Of ants building anthills in the savanna 
A thousand times bigger than themselves
Of a steady meek stream of water 
Slicing through mighty rocks 
Your eyes travel
Up the hill

Your sleeves you fold
Your belt you tighten
Your laces too
On your back your supplies rest 
Your eyes travel
Up the hill

Determination is your driver
Persistence, your fuel
Hope, the automobile you ride in 
Your eyes precede you
Up the hill

Steep as a pole
The hill stands
Stiff as a tight rope
Your muscles flex, your thews extend
To stop you in your tracks
Exhaustion threatens
Your motivation though
Knows not any limits
You pedal
Up the hill

Menacing as bulldogs
Obstacles ogle 
Around them, through them, over them
You cycle
Up the hill 

Sweat and tears and blood 
Down your brow drip 
You toil still
Up the hill 

Up the hill
At the peak of the hill
Eager, anxious, anticipation building
You know…
You think…
You hope
A worthy reward awaits

Your tears to dry
Your sweat to wash away
Your wounds to bind
Your energy to replenish
Your life to rejuvenate

Up the hill
At the beginning of the next hill

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