The Raptor Comes Undone

The Raptor Comes Undone
The mighty bird soars
Its wings spread out wide
Flapping with power and vigor
Propelling it forward with speed
It glides along
Casting a menacing shadow
Onto the earth below

The raptor
Its talons threatening
Resting on its belly close together
Ready to pounce on its prey
Has murderous eyes, red as blood 
Its beak is long, curved, sharp, and pointed

The raptor encircles its prey in a wide arc
Then swoops with a whoosh
The world watches in awe and apprehension

The prey tightens its back
Digs its paws into the ground underneath 
Bracing itself for the imminent attack
Keenly aware of its underdog status
But realizing the detriment of flight
Its only option is to fight

Blood flows
Sweat is drawn
Screams cut through the still air
No room to err
Yet all they all do is err
Lives end
Lifelines cannot be mend

The size of the dog matters not
The fight in the dog matters a lot
In fighting the underdog proves to be inept not 
To claim victory the bruised raptor cannot
Who would have thought?

Dollars, weapons, prayers, and more 
Are the prey’s from the world that adore
The prey’s courage in the brawl
Poverty, curses, condemnation, and detraction galore
Follow the raptor who the world now abhor 

Lonely and alone 
The raptor has come undone 
With little to be lost and most gone

But is the raptor deterred?
Or is his venom full-blown in the end?
Unabatedly unleashed?

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