The Journey Begins

Stories speak! The words that form stories have life. They have colours through which they paint images – beautiful and ugly – but vivid images all the same. They have power; power to make, and power to break. I hope the stories I tell, the images I paint, beautiful or ugly, make, rather than break….

Jubilee is Dead, Thanks to Uhuru!

The Jubilee story is rife with the common and permanent “frenemity” that characterizes Kenyan politics. Like one uses a rug and tosses it away when done, or similar to one who chews a piece of sugarcane and throws into the garbage the juiceless leftovers, Kenyatta used Ruto and discarded him without second thought once he thought he had sucked from him all he could offer.

Kojoa Upigwe!… Oh, Boychild

We fire them up for their “toughness” when they get into fights. We cheer them for “conquering” when they get sexually active and sleep with several women.

Je, Mnyonge ana Haki?… The Kibera Demolitions and Mau Evictions

He couldn’t agree with Dr. King’ori of #TheWicked Edition more when he commented that wanyonge could be kicked out any time. Other wanyonge were facing a similar fate in Mau forest in the rift valley. He wondered with Dr. King’ori why the government was behaving as if it just woke up and realized there was an encroachment problem!

The Badgers?… But why?

The badger is a ubiquitous phenomenon in Madison, Wisconsin; the badger bus, the Bucky badger, badger football, badger gymnastics, badgercare, badger cab… the list is so long, we could go on and on and still not be done. The ubiquity of the badger may, and has certainly caused many Madison residents to be oblivious of its origin…

Thorn in the Flesh…

So disconcerting was Paul’s ‘thorn’ that he begged the Lord, not once, not twice, but three times for it to leave him. God’s response is as astounding as it is paradoxical. He who is all good, all loving and all merciful, declines Paul’s prayer stating, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.”