Urembo au Juhudi: Wanawake kwenye Idara ya Polisi, Kenya

Miaka michache iliyopita, afisa mmoja wa kike alipata umaarufu usiomidhilika. Umaarufu huu ulitokana, sio kutokana na kazi yake, bali ni kupitia urembo wa sura na umbile lake. Mwili wa afisa huyu ulijadiliwa, ukasifiwa, na kumezewa mate hadharani kwa siku kadhaa. Vile vile picha yake ilikatakatwa na kuhaririwa kwa jinsi tofauti ili kutosheleza matwaka ya wananchi haswa, nafikiri, wanaume. Ilishangaza sana kuona baadhi ya wanaume wakitamani hadharani kukamatwa na afisa huyo. Wengi walirai, “Tafathali nikamate!”

Ruto Must Not Quit, A Response to Nation Newspaper

Since securing a second term as president, Kenyatta, who in previous occasions repeatedly promised his adamant and unwavering support for Ruto, has developed cold feet. Isn’t Ruto justified then in seeking to galvanize his political persuasion in the country without considering the president’s agenda? The trouble in the ruling party is the president’s doing. Ruto and indeed all other politicians should not pay the price. The fact that the author’s thoughts differ raises keen readers’ eyebrows. Is this editorial an indication of the side of Nation’s bread that is battered? It certainly cannot be that the author believes in what he/she is advocating for. Neither Ruto nor any Kenyan should pay attention to the editorial, therefore!

Why and How “Hakuna Matata” May be Reclaimed from Disney

Disney’s move to trademark “Hakuna Matata” entails an unfair restriction of the use of the phrase by its owners. It is theft of cultural property. It is not too different from colonialism. This is cultural imperialism. It is unacceptable and must be resisted.

It is probably a moment to ask not what your society can do for you but what you can do for your society, to paraphrase JFK.

Jubilee is Dead, Thanks to Uhuru!

The Jubilee story is rife with the common and permanent “frenemity” that characterizes Kenyan politics. Like one uses a rug and tosses it away when done, or similar to one who chews a piece of sugarcane and throws into the garbage the juiceless leftovers, Kenyatta used Ruto and discarded him without second thought once he thought he had sucked from him all he could offer.

Je, Mnyonge ana Haki?… The Kibera Demolitions and Mau Evictions

He couldn’t agree with Dr. King’ori of #TheWicked Edition more when he commented that wanyonge could be kicked out any time. Other wanyonge were facing a similar fate in Mau forest in the rift valley. He wondered with Dr. King’ori why the government was behaving as if it just woke up and realized there was an encroachment problem!