Into the deep where I came treasure hunting
Far from home having wandered 
Years and years of excavation
Seasons upon seasons of determined effort
To the trove delivering me

In my eyes the fortune I behold
With my hands the gems I graze
To clean 'em up
To refine 'em
Common sense beckons
So with 'em to swim ashore

I am stuck natheless
Stuck not in mud
Stuck in the head 
The ability I can boast of 
The willpower I cannot

The vastness of the trove bewilders
The enormity of the sea confuses
The multiplicity of tasks  
Breathing, and cleaning, and refining, and swimming 
The oodles disorient

So now here I lie 
Doing and wanting to do nothing
The sun sets and rises again
Waves wash over me over and over again
The sea sleeps and wakes up again
And here lay I 
Enjoying not even the lying

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