About The Caged Bird Sings and its Founder

When I was coming of age, Kenya was undergoing a marvelous political transformation. The fruits of the second liberation were ripening. Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga led a host of other revolutionary politicians, and in a wave of political victory against then President Daniel Arap Moi and the despotic KANU machinery—the first ever since independence—multiparty democracy truly dawned on the East African nation. This was my introduction to politics. I read, I listened, I watched… I consumed Kenyan politics. I have been a political animal ever since. The Caged Bird Sings is my space for interrogating political going ons in Kenya and to a certain extent, the rest of the world. Rather than mere reporting, this blog is dedicated to a fair, independent, objective, assessment of politics and political players in Kenya. We strive to make our posts both concise and detailed, all while calling out political hypocrisy from all top political players rather than leaning on one side as the electorate is conditioned to do thanks to the “Mtu Wetu Syndrome.”

You will however notice that there’s more than politics on the blog. It is thanks to my dad and Mr. John Mûjumbe, my Standard Four English teacher, that I have “The Creative Corner” on the blog. At an early age my dad bought me books, taught me how to read, and encouraged me to read. He answered all my questions, taught me new vocabulary, and then gifted me with a small pocket dictionary. I was barely ten. As my learning took flight, Mr. Mûjumbe entered and took command of the aircraft. He proved to be a fabulous pilot. He did not only teach me. He lit a fire in me that took a life of its own. The fire burned, I read; it burned, I reread; it burned, I wrote: it burned, I couldn’t contain it any longer – I had to share with YOU what I read, what I myself imagined, and sometimes what I or people known to me went through. “The Creative Corner” and “Book Reviews” sections of this blog are a heartfelt tribute to my dad and Mr. John Mûjumbe!

To sum up what The Caged Bird Sings is all about, we interrogate the politics of the day, engage issues affecting our society, review Memoirs, historical fiction, and books on Africa and by Africans, and write fictional pieces about everyday experiences. Unlike traditional news, the pieces here try to take a critical and stimulating view to societal issues.

We hope you enjoy and engage with our work introspectively, retrospectively, and critically.

Welcome aboard and thank you for being here!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Image courtesy of goluputtar.com

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