A Lioness, and a Dove

A verse for the one I love
The one around whom the world revolve
On the day years ago she started to live
For you, to you, my love
A lioness, and a dove

How old are you now I ask
A lady says not her age don't ask
Ok then I'll imagine the occasion I say
Of the day your eyes first met the light of day

It's a girl the physician announces
Shrieks of ululation break through the silent halls
Three, four, five, the audience counts
It's a wonder
She's a wonder 
A lioness, and a dove

Look what a wonder 
The dovely lioness turned out to be!
Stereotypes melt when she closes in
Social boundaries expand and explode at her showing
What they say she is, she is more!
She blows not her horn though
But today I have got to let you know
Of the wonders of the lioness, the dove

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  1. W.P says:

    The description is intense; the poetic composition immense!
    It has reminded me of a play by Aristophanes named Lysistrata where the main character, Lysistrata is described by men in the words, “There’s no beast, no rush of fire, like woman so untamed. She calmly goes her way where even panthers would be ashamed.” I bet this fits your dove perfectly.

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    1. I am thoroughly flattered!


  2. Joash C. says:

    This is great!

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  3. Maina J.N. says:

    What a verse!

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  4. Mueni says:

    Your poetic skills have carried the day🥂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Bernadina M. says:

    You are a real poet!

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  6. Katamu Martinez says:

    A befitting dedication to a lioness indeed!

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  7. Kipchilat KJ says:

    Wow, incredible!

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  8. J. Maageria says:

    Kazi safi hapa kaka!

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  9. Muriithi M. says:

    Wow! Beautiful.

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  10. Florence says:

    A beautiful verse, for a beautiful woman!

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  11. Mireri Wuod says:

    Love is indeed a good thing, it births creativity!

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